First alpine salamanders of the year in Bluntautal (Salzburg)!!

Today Klaus and Ana went to the Bluntautal (45 km from the city of Salzburg) hoping to see the first alpine salamanders (Salamandra atra) of the year. It was a day where the sun ans april showers were alternating and the air temperature was of 12°C. The river carries at the moment a lot of water, due to the melting of the snow. The Golling waterfalls were also very noisy and impressive with the falling water. After turning a few stones, Klaus (who else!) found two adults comfortably sitting under two of them, not really fancying or daring to come out. Even after a long shower, they didn’t come out. we also met two hunters who were carrying the day’s trophy on the back, a capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) In any case, we are happy to know that the hibernating period is over!!

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