Salamander Report

To report an alpensalamander or firesalamander just click on the map below, find the location (zoom in and define as precisely as possible), fill out the pop-up form and hit save. Thats it! If it is possible, please upload a PICTURE of your salamander sighting!!! Thanks for your time and stay tuned to watch the map growing ;-).

Our salamander report has been updated! :-) The entry mask is now available in 4 different languages: D, EN, IT, ES! Just click on your favorite button! The different map options are now displayed in a blue box on the right side: hybrid (satellite+map), physical=terrain, streets and satellite. Choose your favorite option by clicking on it! Attention: salamanders can now only be entered by zooming in to a defined level! We want to increase the preciseness of a report by that. So if an error message pops up, just zoom in a little bit further to enter your salamander!
For very interested ones, we have different overlays: one has the option to show just Alpine- or Fire salamanders, or to have different maps as background, e.g. land cover or geology of Austria. Have fun discovering the new salamander report! :-)


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