Salamander Project Workshop in Ilíberis Secondary Education School, Atarfe (Granada, Spain)

On the 11th of March, Esther and Juan Ramón, from the Asociación Herpetológica Granadina, and our collaboration partners, carried out this visit to this secondary high school. It is situated in the town of Atarfe , a municipality included in the metropolitan area of Granada city.

The teacher in charge welcomed them and introduced them to the classes who would be doing the morning workshops: 4 groups from the 1st year of compulsory secondary education (1° ESO in Spain), one of them having the particularity of being a so called Curricular Diversification and Integration class.

These courses (Curricular diversification) embrace children who, for various reasons (demotivation, special necessities, inadaptability, social exclusion risk, learning problems, etc…) present a very high risk of not being able to conclude their studies. These courses fit to their needs and ist purpose is the obtaining oft he qualification, removing the existing barriers. The learning contents do not change, but only the methodology used for its learning.

Due to lack of time (it is a very big centre with a tight schedule) Juan Ramón and Esther had to split up and carry out the activities separately:
1° ESO A and C: one hour presentation by Juan Ramón about the salamanders. There were 26 students between 12 and 13 years old.
1° ESO B: Workshop made by Esther. The children made salamanders out of gomaeva foam sheets. The number and age oft the students was identical to the one above.
1° ESO D: Diversification class. Esther talked tot he students about salamanders, adapting the presentation to their curricular needs. The class comprises 18 children between 12 and 15 years old.

On the 18th of March they repeated the experience but viceversa, which means that Juan Ramón gave the presentation tot he children which had been working with gomaeva the previous week and Esther made new salamanders with the children who had been listening to Juanra’s exhibition.

The experience was highly satisfactory. The teachers have previously prepared the students about the subject our colleagues would talk about. The children have respondend very positively to the different activities offered and participated actively.

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