meeting 9-10. october 2009 salzburg

Dear all,

Hope you all had a nice summer vacation and met lots of salamanders ;-). Our portal did quite well and has already more than 5000 fire and alpensalamander entries.

I found a date for our little meeting in Salzburg
9-10th. October 2009

It coincides with the 20 year anniversary of the HerpAG at the Haus der Natur in Salzburg (see enclosed invitation), so we will have a nice setting to discuss the current status and future research projects.
I thought we could meet Friday late afternoon to chat a bit, attend the HerpAG festivities on Friday evening and discuss our project on Saturday. Veronique will give a talk on Saturday afternoon.

Please let me know if you can come so we can arrange accommodations and festivity tickets for you.

Many thanks
& Best wishes

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