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Dear all,

We are looking for international partners for our european research project on
salamandra atra and salamandra salamandra and would be delighted if you would be interested to join.
Please feel free to pass this email on to them.

here is a short project outline
The main goal of the project is to map occurrence, population- size and development of the Alpine Salamander across Europe.
We plan two approaches. First, a community based effort where we will establish an oral history of Salamander observations in the past 50 years across europe by conducting interviews in the local community, such as alpinists, farmers, Nationalpark staff, mineral collectors, and hunters to preserve their well-versed local knowledge of the Alpine Salamander.
Second we will check these regions for Alpensalamander observations ourselves to explore their habitat and their ecology. We will also include other amphibians like the Fire Salamanders (salamandra salamandra) to investigate the relationship among these species. These data will be collected and disseminated on our webportal In parallel we will study the physiology and molecular biology with the main goal of obtaining a full genome sequence of these remarkable animals.

In order to do that we would like to create a network of researchers across europe to help with the observations and contribute their expertise in salamander biology, ecology…. We have initial funds and are in the process for applying for further funding under a european union bioconservation grant in fall.

Let me know if you are interested and I will put you on the mailing list for further details.

Many thanks robert

robert schwarzenbacher, prof
structural biology, university of salzburg, austria
+43 6628044 7250



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