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Workshop in Colegio Ave María, Casa Madre de Granada,Spain, 20th March 2014

This school is situated in a very beautiful area of the old Granada. The river Genil flows next to it,
opposite is the Alhambra and the Generalife, and behind it, the Sacromonte.

At 8:00 am, as Juan Ramón and Esther arrived, they were welcomed by the teaching board.

From 8:15 to 10:15 Juan Ramón made a long and intense presentation tot he higher grades (3rd and 4th year) of secondary education. It was about salamanders and other amphibians, enriched by videofilms. Finally, the students were given the chance to pose questions to the team. 80 students were present. They all enjoyed it immensely, and in spite of their huge number the levels of attention didn’t diminish, their enthusiasm was patent and their participation very high.

Afterwards Esther and Juan Ramón went to class 10 (aula 10), whose tutor is Julio. This is a special class (shelter and integration). It is made up of 10 boys and girls (very unusual for spanish classes, used to have a high number of students). They proudly showed them the school grounds, which reach down to the river. They have an ecological orchard, a glasshouse, meadows for playing…They even have a plot which is which is intended for an amphibian pond….amazing!!

Flora and fauna in this area are highly varied. The children showed Juan Ramón and Esther the posters where all the existing species are present.

Our collaboration partners were impressed to realise that all the center’s teachers, specially Julio, have
managed to imbibe the children a high respect and love to any form of live. Awesome experience to see how moved they become when they come across a spider, a warm, etc…

All the way , they explained to them what has been done to achieve this „natural space“ and the youngsters’ raising awarenesss, and the future projects.

From 12:00pm to 14:00 Esther and Juan Ramón gave a talk and did a workshop with the primary school 6th graders. 40 boys and girls, who thoroughly enjoyed the explanations, the games
and workshops, feeing enthusiastic, asked thousands of questions and were thrilled by the whole activity. The working day finished with an invitation tot he school refectory, where the day’s events were happily discussed. We say thank you again tot he Colegio Ave María!!