Meeting of the Spanish team in Granada

Sparkling Science „Alpensalamander Project“ in Spain
Last week Ana met the Salamander project collaboration partners in Granada. Juan Ramón(biologist), Esther( pedagogue ), Javier (president oft he „Asociación herpetológica granadina“) and Sara (lecturer at the faculty of Arts), welcomed her in their beautiful land and showed her some of the basins the Sierra de Loja. This year the countriside is brimming with water and green grass everywhere. They could admire the common spade toad, many sharp ribbed newts, and other species (partridges and little owls).

They also had a couple of meetings to discuss the work to be done at the schools. The spanish members of the project will have a similar task to ours in Austria.They will talk to children in different schools about salamanders and other amphibians which are threatened and about conservation measures. They will also do an excursion with the children when possible in order to see adult salamanders (quite unlikely due to the season) and/or salamander larvae in clean waterways. Many creative ideas were proposed and everybody is looking forward to starting with the practical work.

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