the alpensalamander research project

hi there,
so here we are and thats how you can help in this project. Currently we have only very vague data on where the alpensalamander lives. So our main goal is to map their occurrence, population- size and development.
So if you happen to see a Alpensalamander or Firesalamander please memorize location, date, time, take a picture and put it in our maptool. History is also important so if you talk to people who have seen them somewhere, 50 years ago please also put it in the database. There will be a special flag for interviews.

How to report alpensalamander sightings?
just go to our online maptool Report Alpensalamander, find your location on the map, click and fill out the pop-up form and hit save. Upload an image if you want.

and as you can see the whole webpage is a bit under construction and always will be cause this is after all a living thing…..enjoy the process and keep checking cause from what I have seen so far the interactive alpensalamander map will blow you away.

stay tuned and happy alpensalamander checking

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